The Salts of Rhotano

A Gaming Community

Welcome to S|R

This Community exists to enrich your gaming life by utilizing new tools & methods to help you organize, collaborate, and empower yourselves to reach goals both in the games we play together and the lives we lead apart.Our team of moderators will embolden you to support positivity and encourage non-toxic behavior by being the living example.Together we follow simple codes of conduct to guide each other.

A Brief History

We started as a Free Company (i.e. FC or a Guild) in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.That is still the game the connects the majority of us, but today that camaraderie extends beyond this MMO to a plethora of games, hobbies and passions we play and share together.Here you'll find Writers, Builders, Creators, Challengers and Champions.

How to connect

For the last few years, our socializing has centralized on our Discord server.It's organized by Community centric topics like General Chat, Current Events and Games. Beyond that there are sub-sections for more nuanced areas like Final Fantasy XIV and a variety of niche topics such as the Anime Club, Book Club, Movie Club and more.Every Friday night at 10p ET we host what we call "Community Night" where those of us available assemble to play ease-of-access games together. These games are usually free, and we're always eager to add more to the list.Like us, the server is flexible as we welcome change and shape it to serve our needs. We utilize self-assigned roles within Discord to let you stay connected to the topics, clubs and events you care most about.Moderation is light and that is reflected in our Codes of Conduct. The rules are easy to follow. Be sure to check them out.Hit the button below to contact us with any questions or a request to join.


Codes of Conduct


We are all adults. Treat everyone as such.


Studies show when someone’s political beliefs are questioned, it triggers the same part of the brain that reacts when ones physical livelihood and well-being are threatened. Best to avoid that.

| In light of today's troubles, we created a safe space to talk about current events in our discord. It is encouraged that any political chatter be kept in this channel for the benefit of the community experience |


If you do not like the topic being discussed, politely ask your fellow gamers to change the subject.
All members are expected to respect this request at all times.


Not everyone may agree what qualifies as one, but do your best to avoid talk of spoilers. If you sense a spoiler coming up, politely ask for the conversation to change. See rules 3&6!


If you witness someone breaking one of these rules, do not break another one in retaliation, in order to set an example, to get your point across, to get them to stop, or for any other conceivable reason.


Not everyone likes being told what to do. If you do not wish to change your speech, content or context, bring it to a separate chat

Final Fantasy X|V


The Free Company caters to players of any style.
Membership ranges from Legacy to Sprout.
Company resources are made available to everyone.
Click below for more details.

Final Fantasy X|V

The Free Company

We look for players who show some passion for what they do, who love this game and spread that joy to others simply by being themselves. We get a thrill when finding new players who may need our help, or players who may just need a home.

  • Founded – 8.16.2013

  • Rank – 20

  • Allied – Maelstrom

  • Recruitment – Open

  • Housing – Plot 5, 15th Ward, Mist

  • Server - Balmung

  • Data Center Aether (Crystal)

  • Weekly Events

  • Sustained Daily Actions

  • Role Play Scene

  • High Level Raiders

  • High Level Crafters

  • Additional Raid Capacity

  • Out of Game Communication


Final Fantasy X|V

The End-Game

We host and help organize Raid-Groups or Statics as needed.
Recruitment is always encouraged to first begin from within the community.
The play-style and goals of each are dictated by the members who participate.
What kind of spice are you?

Final Fantasy X|V

The Role-Play

With us you’ll experience Role-Play as a collaborative writing experience.We have a unifying theme in the form of a shared character, intertwined in a setting that offers us an incredible amount of diversity.Visit the RhoMu - The Rhotano Museum - by clicking the icon below.

↓ visit the RhoMu ↓

The Games

The list of games we play together, sporadically or during Community Nights on Fridays, are in constant flux.Here we showcase only but a few.

Contact Us

We're glad you've found us, and we'd love to hear from you.
Use this form to request discord access, ask a question, or just share a thought!

Discord: @Sterne#8259Focus: End-Game, Role-Play, PvP, GatheringA long time FFX|V veteran, hailing from version 1.0α. An end-game aficionado with experience co-running raid groups and free companies. He is an egalitarian who brings with him a passion for the game, a kind heart, open ears, a level head and a penchant for helping others feel welcome. His goal is to bring together like-minded players to flourish in the community.


Discord: @Melchar#4351Focus: Mentor Program, End-Game & RoleplayIs a veteran of the good ol’ bad ol’ days of FFXIV 1.0. He has played MMOs since he was a tender fifth grader starting with Ultima Online. A lover of lore and setting, Eorzea has kept him enchanted ever since the game’s first announcement. An affable fellow, he enjoys making new friends and connections whether in video games or in the industry where he works and plays on a daily basis.

Discord: @Wendy#5190Focus: Roleplay, Endgame, Crafting, GatheringGwendy is a fun-lovin' dude. She has been playing video games ever since she got scammed into giving away her password on Runescape in 2007. She is a jokester who may seem a little over-the-top sometimes, but on the inside, she's not really any different (oops). Gwendy is a veteran healer with years of raid experience and The End.

Discord: @bporter#3019Focus: Raiding, Crafting, GatheringSadrith has been playing FFXIV since the 1.0 alpha/beta. She has been playing video games ever since PC point-and-click adventures of the early/mid 90's. She got sucked into MMO's starting with FFXI in 2003, and dragged her mom along with her in 2006. The two have been playing MMO's together ever since. Her gaming backlog is rivaled in size by the Eiffel Tower, but that won't stop her from trying that new thing that just came out.

Discord: @Traique#9539Focus: Raiding, Crafting, GatheringTraique is SR's craft dad and formerly PEPR's tank, bad joke machine, and occasional leader. He's been playing games as his main hobby since his parents got him Wipeout for the PS1 way back in 1996, and has been an addict ever since. He enjoys anime, superhero movies, and fantasy novels, and if he asks you to play Smite with him, back away slowly or you'll never hear the end of it.

Discord: @Tohka#7439Focus: The afterlifeIs a Ghost






bonus cat

Roles: Monk | Ninja | Reaper | Blue MageInspiration: Been playing MMO's since 2003. FFXI to WoW to FFXIV 1.0, with various others in between.Personal Achievement: Can't decide on which job to play, so play them all.Favorite Quote: "Your secret is safe with my indifference."
Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III

Roles: Paladin | Summoner | Black MageInspiration: Taught to tank by Demon's SoulsPersonal Achievement: Making Tank LB useful since the ChrysalisFavorite Quote: "Sometimes, you can make no mistakes, do everything right, and still lose."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Roles: Blue Mage | Black MageInspiration: I am very bad at video games!I often put a game down to take a break and come back to it months later and forget where I was.Personal Achievement: The most I've ever played a game, outside of XIV, is 200+ hours in Pokemon.Favorite Quote: “I have spent a lot of time, and I have eaten a lot of crap to get to where I am today. And I am NOT throwing it all away now.”
Elaine Benes, Seinfeld

Roles: Blue Mage | Black Mage | SummonerInspiration:
Glamor is important - if you can't play good, look great! Gimmicks (mechanics) are my bane
Personal Achievement: I play on PC with a controller so I can kick backFavorite Quote: “ "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"

The streamers & content creators of S|R

A few of our members stream community events, as well as update their own collection of entertaining content.